Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts

Aegean 8.00

Aegean Numbers, Ancient Greek Musical Notation, Ancient Greek Numbers, Ancient Roman Symbols, Arkalochori Axe, Carian, Cypriot Syllabary, Dispilio tablet, Linear A, Linear B Ideograms, Linear B Syllabary, Lycian, Lydian, Old Italic, Old Persian, Phaistos Disc, Phoenician, Phrygian, Sidetic, Troy vessels’ signs and Ugaritic.

Aegean: 18-06-2015

Aegean.ttf, Aegean_hint.ttf, Aegean.docx, Alphabets.docx, Linear.docx, LinearAwords.xlsx, LinearAwords.docx


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Phaistos image

a vector image of the disc


Cypro-Minoan 7.81

Cypro-Minoan script(s)


CyproMinoan: 27-11-2014

CyproMinoan.ttf, CyproMinoan_hint.ttf, CyproMinoan.docx, CyproMinoan.xlsx


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Cretan 7.42

Cretan Hieroglyphs


Cretan: 20-06-2014

Cretan.ttf, Cretan_hint.ttf, Cretan.docx


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Symbola 8.00

Basic Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and many Symbol blocks of The Unicode Standard, Version 8.0


Symbola: 18-06-2015

Symbola.ttf, Symbola_hint.ttf, Symbola.docx, Symbola.htm


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TextFonts 6.00

Fonts based on early works by Alexander Wilson, Claude Garamond, Victor Scholderer, Firmin Didot et al.


TextFonts: 18-06-2015

Alexander, Anaktoria, Aroania and Asea: hinted and non-hinted versions with documentation. Asea is still in version 5.01


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documentation of features and samples

Aegyptus 5.03

An Extended List of 7062 Egyptian Hieroglyphs


Aegyptus: 18-06-2015

AegyptusR.ttf, AegyptusR_hint.ttf, AegyptusB.ttf, AegyptusB_hint.ttf, Aegyptus.docx, AegyptusTable.docx, AegyptusList.xlsx


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Nilus 6.00

Coptic, Meroitic, Hieratic Alphabet and Transliteration Characters; compatible with The Unicode Standard, Version 8.0


Nilus: 18-06-2015

Nilus.ttf, Nilus_hint.ttf, Nilus.docx


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Gardiner 5.03

the Gardiner Set of Hieroglyphs (extracted from Aegyptus Bold)


Gardiner: 20-06-2014

Gardiner.ttf, Gardiner_hint.ttf, Gardiner.docx


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the Gardiner Set in various fonts




Akkadian 7.15

Sumero-Akkadian Cuneiform, Cuneiform Numbers and Punctuation, Early Dynastic Cuneiform; compatible with The Unicode Standard, Version 8.0

Akkadian: 11-11-2014

Akkadian.ttf, Akkadian_hint.ttf, Akkadian.docx


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Assyrian 1.01

a font with Neo-Assyrian Cuneiform Signs


Assyrian: 11-11-2014

Assyrian.ttf, Assyrian_hint.ttf, Assyrian.docx


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Assyrian sample and font comparison chart

Anatolian 5.02

Anatolian Hieroglyphs; signs from hieroglyphic Luwian inscriptions; compatible with The Unicode Standard, Version 8.0


Anatolian: 11-11-2014

Anatolian.ttf, Anatolian_hint.ttf, Anatolian.docx


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Maya 4.14

Maya Hieroglyphs


Maya: 16-12-2014

Maya.ttf, Maya_hint.ttf, Maya.docx


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Musica 3.12

Ancient Greek Musical Notation, Byzantine Musical Symbols, (Western) Musical Symbols


Musica: 11-11-2014

Musica.ttf, Musica_hint.ttf, Musica.docx

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Unidings 7.18

Glyphs and Icons for blocks of The Unicode Standard


Unidings: 15-11-2014

Unidings.ttf, Unidings_hint.ttf, Unidings.docx


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Analecta 4.02

Coptic, Gothic, Deseret...


Analecta: 20-06-2014

Analecta.ttf, Analecta_hint.ttf, Analecta.docx


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